10 trending pink two colour combinations for your bedroom walls

10 trending pink two colour combinations for your bedroom walls

Bedroom decor – whether they are about ultimate comfort and relaxation, luxury and grandeur, or even quirk – the pink theme will always set the mood right. But it all comes down to the colour combinations you select.

Colour trends today combine the use of multiple tones for striking interior finishes; this leads to making or breaking the whole design of the room. Colour combinations for walls are being experimented with in the most eclectic manner, and interiors have never looked more attractive or glamorous!

Pink two colour combinations for bedroom walls are among the most trending styles for home decor. Pink is an unanimously favoured colour because of its ability to complement any colour and blend seamlessly into all interiors.

We bring you a list of 10 top shades of pink combined as two-colour combinations for bedroom walls.

Top-10 Colour Combination for Walls

● Coral and beige: Coral makes any space very refreshing and new. It’s a beautiful shade to add prominence to space or help create a statement. Because of the velveteen nature of the colour, it is ideal for a wall that forms the centre of attention. It can augment the appeal and draw focus with minimal decor. Coral is a beautiful bedroom pink colour combination to use when you want to enhance the look of deep wood better or use natural and artificial light. A muted shade of pink or beige is perfect as a colour combination with coral.

● Thulian Pink and black: Thulian Pink is a beautiful, exciting shade of pink that combines well with blue, green, and red. In its presentation, this pink colour has tinges of subtle grey under various lights. It is a reasonably bold shade that is ideal as a combination of bedroom walls. Grey is always the safest colour paired with pink, but you could also consider a black or dark blue as a contrasting element. Try using this shade of pink behind your bed or around the dressing area to create a striking look.

● Pale pink and purple: This is an almost invisible shade of pink because it looks a lot like white with a translucent pink tint. If you are into subtlety or pastel palettes, this is the one for you. Pale pink can be combined easily with bright colours like red for a striking two-colour combination for bedroom walls. You may want to look at peacock blue or light purple to complement this colour and make your room well-organized. This shade of pink is ideal as the base colour for your whole bedroom.

● Rose pink and pale pink: There are about a hundred variants of the rose shade itself, and we strongly recommend Fuchsia rose, it is the most popular colour. It is an ideal colour choice by itself, but coupled with a muted shade like pale pink or white makes the most evocative colour combination for walls. Using this combination in your bedroom will intensify a sense of intimacy and passion. It is an excellent shade for large rooms which have a strong play of natural and artificial lights.

● Blush and grey: This is a gorgeous shade of pink that is among the nude or pastel shades, but is slightly darker than pale pink. The colour is very soft and eludes a fragile aura. It gives the space an open, complete feel. Blush combines beautifully with any shade of grey. You can also look at using teal with a blush as a beautiful colour combination. Using blush as the primary colour on your bedroom walls can help create a sense of symmetry in the room. You can then use grey accents around your lights, shelves, and cupboards for dramatic effect!

● Peach and ebony: Peach is among the safer shades of pink colour to use in your bedroom without seeming too feminine. Peach is considered among the more stylish and contemporary shades of pink, and it makes a great colour combination for walls when coupled with white, ebony, or a dark grey. Depending on the colour choice, you can either make this pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls blend in or stand out.

● Neon pink and blue: Neon pink is not retro 80’s colour anymore, it is back in fashion. The colour that screams adventure, style, and courage, it is a great shade to use as a combination for bedroom walls if you want to make a small space more visible or attract more energy to a corner. To complete the sense of activity and life in the space, try using a bright blue or ochre. White or pale pink can help be a suitable two-colour combination for bedroom walls when you want to soften the effect of fluorescent pink. Neon pink is impressive as an accent and can be used to significant impact to highlight a picture montage or a sitting area in your bedroom. Avoid using the colour excessively, as it could prove overbearing.

● Mauve and ivory: This is among the most appealing, unique shades of pink that can change your entire bedroom. Mauve is ideal for a small space and can help add depth and dimension to it, making it appear bigger. The shade itself has a sense of texture to it, and you can vary its play by going for darker or paler shades. As a two-colour combination for bedroom walls, mauve can be used with ivory, beige, or a subtle pink to widen the look of the space.

● Cotton Candy pink and indigo: This shade of pink is also called baby pink, and is a beautiful option to soften the room or add a little quirk to it. A great way to play with this pink colour is to complement indigo to keep the room looking fresh and young. Try livening up your room by using cotton candy pink on your head-board or around your door and window panels.

● Hot pink and white: If there is a pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls that can pop, this is your answer! It’s bold, lively, and is all about making a statement! If you can pull this combination off with a good selection of décor, you would have a masterpiece room! Choosing hot pink for your dresser or drawers with a light pink or white for the rest of the room can help it look edgy and bold.


Indigo Paints brings you the widest selection of shades, textures, and finishes to help you achieve your desired two-colour combination for bedroom walls to life. Bring in the romance, softness, and subtlety of pink into your homes and watch it transform into a style statement. An added note: Use textures in the walls, accents, a play of light, and variety in your décor and furnishings to amplify the goodness in your colour combination.


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