6 must use wall colour combination to beat lockdown blues

6 must use wall colour combination to beat lockdown blues

Colours have a strong connection with us. And in these troubled times, nothing can soothe and comfort us more than lively and pleasant colours. The best way to always have calming and mood uplifting colours in front of your eyes is to have them painted on your home walls. Indigo Paints is here to help you select the best colour combination for the house so you can sail through the lockdown blues with triumph.

Overview of Colour Combination for Walls

Getting your home colour combination right is vital if you don’t want your walls looking out of sync and unsightly. To save your home from disastrous interior colour combinations, you need to do thorough research on colours that look best together. We, an expert in wall colour combination, reveal the best colour combination for house and how to choose them to cheer yourself up in these uncertain times.

Types of Wall Colour Combination

So which are the best interior colour combinations that will bring a smile to your face in this extended lockdown period? We have compiled a list of bright, happy, and hope inducing wall colour combinations based on their different types. Have a look.

● Energetic Yellow and Blue

To start the list, we couldn’t find a brighter wall colour combination for you! This high spirited and energetic pair will look delightful and cheerful in your living or bedroom space.

Orange and Green

Love at first and every sight! That is what this lovely and attractive colour combo makes you feel. Living in an ambience radiating with this colour combination for house invites bliss and a celebratory mood.

● Soothing Ocean Blue and Grape Green

Do you want a wall paint colour combination with lots of pleasantness and a touch of playfulness? Then you won’t go wrong with the combination of ocean blue and grape green. It has a joyful feel with a hint of magnetic charm that you will enjoy.

Light Green and Pink

This is a perfect wall paint colour combination to beat any kind of blues! The soft shades feel cosy and comforting, and their chirpy combination makes you instantly feel happy from within.

● Inspiring Indigo Blue and White

Nothing brings one out of a bad mood than a blend of indigo and white. This colour combination for a house adds positivity to the entire environment.

Faded Green and White

White is unarguably the colour of good vibes. When it gets paired with the faded green colour, it brings a fresh and lovable feel and looks to any room.

Steps on How to Select Multiple Wall Colour Combination

Single colour walls are boring. When we are talking about driving away lockdown blues through wall paint, exciting home colour combinations can help achieve that easily. There are certain factors that you need to consider to beautify your home walls with multiple wall colour combinations correctly.

Go According to Your Vision

What is it that you want your rooms to emit? Cheerfulness? Vibrancy? Calmness? Good vibes? Identify your mood needs and your mind will point you towards suitable home colour combination. Don’t get carried away with a trending colour combo or recommendations by experts, and compromise with your vision. It’s your home; it should feel like you want it to feel.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

To drive away from the mundane mood from your home, experimentation should be your mantra. There are various ways of painting your walls in your chosen wall colour combination. You can split your side walls into the two tones or introduce stripe colour look into your room walls for an interesting and unique touch. You can also try merging 3 colours for that extra vibrancy and richness.

Don’t Go Overboard

In the excitement of painting your interior walls, don’t overdo it. You don’t want your home to resemble a circus! Also, you have to make sure you choose colours that you will not make a face at after a point. The colours should make you feel calm and happy, even post lockdown.

Painting Tips

Of course, as we are facing some restrictions owing to the safety measures in place, you might have or want to paint your home on your own. First, time into it and you will realise it is not at all a difficult job. For the artistic kind, painting the home walls might be a very enjoyable task. Here are some handy tips to help you paint your home walls without any professional help.

1. Scrap and Wash the Walls

The first and most crucial step in painting walls is to scrape away the old paint and wash the walls. You can do that easily with the best tools.

2. Pick a Slow Drying Paint

Since you are a novice in painting, it is advisable to go for a paint that dries slowly. It will allow you to correct any flaws before the paint dries.

3. Pre-Paint Prep with Primer

Before you start dressing your home with bright interior colour combinations, first apply a coat or two of a primer. A primer helps cover dents, cracks, unevenness and other flaws on your walls. It creates a smooth layer for perfect paint application.

4. Cover Furniture and Other Items Before Painting

Drops of paint on your beautiful sofa or table is not what you want to see after you finish painting your walls. Cover all things in the room with a plastic sheet or cloth to protect them.

5. Always Paint from Top to Bottom

This is a trick most novice painters don’t know about. This top to bottom technique ensures perfect home colour combination application with less mess.

Locked up you might be, but the feeling of freedom and cheerfulness is entirely possible through colourful interior walls. With the right wall paint colour combination inside your home, accepting your situation and feeling hopeful and positivity will come naturally to you. Never stop dreaming of good and happy times because they are just around the corner!

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