Pick the perfect paint sheen for your room

Pick the perfect paint sheen for your room

Paint sheen lends lustre to the wall colours of the room, and picking the perfect paint sheen for all the rooms in your house is extremely important. It involves the right kind of colour selection. Once you get your room walls, doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets coloured, you need to give something extra to them. Sheen can add an extra dose of shine and brightness to your paint.

With paints, aestheticism is for the visual appeal, whereas durability (life span) is the practical consideration. You need to choose the sheen in accordance with these factors, as well as with respect to the rooms in purview. Take into account natural lighting and traffic of the rooms. For instance, sheen of luxury interior emulsion looks best on bedroom walls, whereas soft look finish is apt for kitchens.


Put the sheen on wall colours for a gleaming appearance

If you want to get the most radiant look for rooms, try out luxury interior emulsion sheen from Indigo paints. We provide a wide variety of options in paint sheen, which give a distinctive, high-definition look to all wall colours.

The most important aspects of paints sheen are their lustre and ease of cleaning. There are various types of sheen paints that provide perfect finish to interior room colours:

  • High gloss finish – if you want sparkling brilliance, then opt for high-gloss paint sheen. It can be used for ceilings, but you need to ensure that the ceiling has no imperfections. This particular sheen emulates the look of enamel or plastic, which looks particularly gorgeous and bright on railings, shutters, trim, and moulding. Before applying high-gloss sheen, proper sanding needs to be done.
  • Semi-gloss finish – if you want highly stain-resistant paint sheen for windows, doors and trims (easy to wipe clean), then go for semi-gloss paint sheen. This paint type is ideal for interior décor of kids’ room or for kitchens and washrooms. It is highly resistant to moisture.
  • Satin finish – this particular sheen looks simply elegant, applied both indoors and outdoors. Luxury interior emulsion are easy to clean and hence ideal for rooms with heavy traffic like playrooms, laundry room, kitchen, guest bathroom, and dining room.
  • Eggshell finish – this particular sheen type is ideal for creating a low-shine look. Eggshell is ideal for family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms and hallways.
  • Flat or matte finish – flat sheen gives a non-reflective finish. Matte is ideal for creating a low lustre look. Both these sheens are least resistant to stains and are able to hide imperfections (being non-reflective). The best places to opt for the flat/matte look are living rooms, bedrooms and even the ceilings where messy staining hardly occurs.

Rooms and the ideal paint sheen recommendations

The four main rooms of a home are family room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen.

The best recommendation for family rooms is luxury interior emulsion which can withstand the high traffic of family members and guests, and can easily be cleaned.

The ideal recommendation for dining room (a low-traffic area) is the eggshell exterior & interior acrylic laminate paint sheen. It provides a clean, smooth looking appearance.

The most effective paint sheen for bedroom would be flat or matte finish whereas kitchens require high-gloss or semi-gloss paint finishes which are easy to clean and are long-lasting.


It is the paint sheen that provides the ultimate finish or polish to the colours. The final look depends on whether the sheen reflects light or absorbs it. A smart choice of paint sheen can go a long way in accentuating the look and feel of a room, and set the right ambience for everyone living in the home. They are also different with respect to ease of cleaning and shine, and the best utilization of these factors can create a flawless look.


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