Interior Emulsions


Find the best interior paints and distempers at Indigo paints, and dress up your walls and ceilings in soft and gentle hues. Interior emulsions are water-based and easy to apply on the walls and ceilings. It is durable and, once applied, can last for a long time. You can choose from Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze series emulsions based on your budget and requirements.

Multi Colour Emulsion

Multi Colour Emulsion

Premium Interior Sheen Emulsion

Bright Ceiling Coat Patinum Series

Bright Ceiling Coat

Luxury Interior Emulsion - Platinum Series

Luxury Interior Emulsion

Acrylic Distemper - Gold Series

Acrylic Distemper

Premium Interior Emulsion - Gold Series

Premium Interior Emulsion

Acrylic Distemper - Silver Series

Acrylic Distemper

Acrylic Pouch Distemper - Silver Series

Acrylic Pouch Distemper

Bright Ceiling Coat Gold Series

Bright Ceiling Coat

Interior Emulsion - Silver Series

Interior Emulsion

Interior Sheen Emulsion - Silver Series

Interior Sheen Emulsion

Interior Emulsion Bronze Series

Interior Emulsion


What type of interior paint is washable?

Paints that have high emulsion content, a component that gives the paint higher wet scrub resistance, will have better washability. For eg. Indigo Interior Emulsion Silver Series will have moderate washability, while Premium Interior Emulsion Gold Series will have higher scrub resistance.

Which type of paint is best for interior walls?

Identify the reason for getting your wall painted. For short term protection or a maintenance coat, you can choose from our Bronze and Silver series emulsions. These serve the purpose and are easy on the pocket.

If Stain resistance and easy-to-clean properties are your concern then our Premium Interior Gold Series, available in matt & sheen, will do the job.

If rich sheen, tough stain resistance and high washability are your priority our Luxury Interior emulsion or Acrylic Laminate will be perfect.

Rest assured whichever be the product you choose; Indigo Interior Emulsions will be available in a wide range of colours.

How long does interior paint last on the wall?

Several factors decide how long the interior paint will last. These include the quality of interior paint used, the system of application followed, the level of abuse it has been exposed to and also the general upkeep and maintenance of the wall. A good quality emulsion, applied following the correct system should last between five to seven years. Indigo Paints offers a range of interior emulsions that have a smooth finish and is easy to wash and maintain.

How often should interior walls be painted?

Generally, interior walls are painted at a frequency of 3-6 years. It largely depends on the type of Interior emulsion applied. Washable and stain resistant interior emulsions tend to look fresh for longer and can be cleaned and maintained for longer periods. You can choose from the wide range of interior wall paints offered by Indigo Paints to achieve the perfect look for your walls.

What are the types of interior paints?

Various types of paints are available for interiors, such as interior emulsions, acrylic distemper, synthetic distempers and interior enamel paint.

Interior emulsions are generally categorised based on properties like stain resistance, ease of cleaning, sheen levels etc. Distempers are more conservative form of paint and has lesser durability than emulsions. Enamel paints are generally used for painting of wood and metal surfaces.

What is better wallpaper or paint?

It depends on the taste and choice of an individual. However, the advantages of paint include the ease of application, cost involved, the ease of repainting / maintenance etc.

Surface defects like undulations are less visible when walls are coated with paint. Common problems like leaks, chalking etc. tend to affect the life of a wall paper and can only be addressed using paint.

Should the ceiling be painted the same colour as the walls?

It is common to paint the ceiling in pure, brilliant white to create a feeling of generous space. However, contemporary designs do not conform to this thought and use the same shade for walls and ceilings to create a uniform look for the room.

What sheen is best for walls?

General sheen levels offered include Matt, soft sheen, rich sheen, glossy. It is up to each customer and their taste to select the level of sheen.

A few points to note however will be, if the surface has not been levelled properly, then higher the gloss greater the chances of surface undulations being visible when light falls on the surface.

Generally, with higher sheen levels the hiding property of paints tends to be inferior, especially for darker colours.