Ceiling Coat RAP
Floor Coat RAP
PU Enamel & Interior Emulsion RAP
Acrylic Laminate​
Polymer Putty
PU Enamel
Bright Ceiling Coat
Dirtproof and Waterproof Exterior Laminate​
Floor Coat Emulsion​
PU Enamel​
Sleek Wood Finish​​
Floor Coat​
Primer Bhootbangla
Metallic Emulsion​
Metallic Emulsion / Tile Coat
Floor Coat Emulsion
Bright Ceiling Coat


Indigo Paints organizes a Sales Conference every year at different scenic locations in India; where all employees of the Company get a chance to meet each other. Interactive discussions are held, and most major decisions of the Company are evolved through consensus during such Conferences. The Conferences help to build a strong bonding amongst the employees and make them a partner in the decision making the process.

Spare some time of yours to go through select photographs of various conferences held till date…